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For the best facial treatments in Houston, Isabella Mia Skin Care offers a variety of options that will give you the results you want. From deep cleansing of the pores while improving or eliminating a condition, to tightening and diminishing wrinkles, all of our facials are safe and effective.


Our signature facial is the deepest pore cleansing and restoring facial ever designed without the risk of irritation. We start with Microdermabrasion Customized according to level of sensitivity. It hydrates the skin immediately making the face appear smoother and plumper. A “personal trainer” for the skin with hibiscus and lupine peptides it helps the skin defend itself against aging. The best formula for a visibly younger-looking, firmer, smoother skin and redefined facial contours. A unique relaxation and anti-aging ritual.


Aqua peels are one of the most popular treatments in dermatology clinics and for very good reason. These express treatments blitz pores with an exfoliating water-based gel and a suction device that literally pulls out gunk from the skin and removes blackheads, while skin is flooded with moisture.


Nanosome peeling system that prevents and repairs sun-induced skin damage.
Ferulic acid decreases the development of thymine dimers in the DNA structure by 40% (chemical studies in Medaka fish embryos). It is characterized by its antioxidant properties by protecting the skin from the aggressions caused by free radicals and enhancing the effects of vitamins C and E. It provides protection to the skin from UVB and UVA radiation, helping to minimize damage caused by the sun and protecting cellular DNA. Reduces inflammation and erythema caused by oxidative processes of the skin. Controls the activity of tyrosinase, avoiding and clearing up unwanted pigmentation. It also has a pro-apoptotic effect on cancer cells.


Nanosomed peel system based on salicylic acid, linoleic acid and ethyl-citrate, indicated for severe acne lesions.

Properties of salicylic acid

Salicylic acid has comedolytic, keratolytic, sebum regulating, anti-inflammatory (inhibits the synthesis of prostagl andins), antiseptic, antimicrobial (reduces the population), and astringent properties.

Properties of linoleic acid and ethyl citrate

Linoleic acid and ethyl citrate reduce the production of DHT by creating an acidic environment that delays bacterial growth and consequently the concentration of bacteria is kept under control.

ADVANCED CORRECTIVE PEEL. The most advanced corrective peel for hyperpigmentation.: $225

Office-based chemical peels are essential for maintaining skin’s health and appearance and they are available exclusively through an authorized SkinCeuticals skincare professional. These peels work synergistically with SkinCeuticals home care to yield optimal results.Formulated with an exclusive blend of clinical-grade acids and a maximized peel concentration of phenylethyl resorcinol, Advanced Corrective Peel dramatically diminishes the appearance of discoloration, while smoothing texture and refining the appearance of pores, to restore a brighter, more clarified skin tone. For optimal results, a series of 4-6 treatments every 4 weeks is recommended.


Microneedling, also referred to as collagen induction therapy, works to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate your skin. As a result of your treatment, you will achieve softer, younger skin. Microneedling helps to achieve an even tone, texture and colour. In addition, it can be used for:​

  • Superficial and deep acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Creases
  • Large pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Hyperpigmentation


First patented liposomed peel system where the main active ingredient is the ferulic acid. Indicated for all signs of photoaging.

Properties of ferulic acid

The antioxidant action of ferulic acid protects the skin from the aggressions caused by free radicals. Ferulic acid inhibits and neutralizes the action of free radicals and enhances the effects of vitamins C and E. It protects the skin from UVB and UVA radiation, helping minimize the damage caused by the sun and protecting cellular DNA.

Properties of phloretin

Phloretin promotes the penetration of the rest of the ingredients by adsorbing to lipid surfaces and altering the dipole potential of lipid bilayers. It inhibits the activity of elastase, enzyme in charge of the degradation of elastic fibers. It also has antioxidant properties.

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